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CodeBetter.Com Contest Fantasy Football

When we sat down to decide how to pick a winner for the CodeBetter.Com wants to send you to Redmond! contest, we realized we couldn’t just pick our winner out of a hat – it’s way too boring, and human choice generally exhibits poor statistical properties and pattern repetition.  What’s better, you might ask?  One word. Fantasy Football.

American football may not be your ball of yarn, so for the uninitiated: Fantasy football is about building and managing a virtual team of real-life NFL football players. These virtual teams score points based on the performance of real players in NFL games. For example, if New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, is on your fantasy team, and he throws a touchdown in a real game, your fantasy team earns points; if he throws an interception, your team loses points.

CodBetter.Com Fantasy Football

If you’ve entered the contest by 9AM EST tomorrow morning, you will be assigned a randomly generated fantasy football team.  That’s right, your very own team.  Each team has five players: one quarterback, one AFC running back, one NFC running back, one AFC wide receiver, and one NFC wide receiver. To create the pool of possible players, we used ESPN’s projected fantasy stats for Week 2 and grabbed the projected top scoring quarterback, running back, and wide receiver from each NFL team. These players were used to populate our player spreadsheets, one sheet for each of the five positions on a fantasy team. Finally, we randomly generated five numbers for each contest entry. Each number corresponds to a row in the one of the player spreadsheets, and the player in that row is on your team. Unlike traditional fantasy football, players are not unique to a CodeBetter.Com fantasy team, but no two teams have the same five players… Got all that?


Your team score is the combined score of your five players. The team with the highest score wins. If there is a tie for highest score, the earliest entry will win. We will pull player scores from ESPN – they use the ESPN Standard Scoring System

Quarterbacks (QB), Running Backs (RB), Wide Receivers (WR), Tight Ends (TE)
6 pts per rushing or receiving TD
6 pts for player returning kick/punt for TD
6 pts for player returning or recovering a fumble for TD
4 pts per passing TD
2 pts per rushing or receiving 2 pt conversion  (note: teams do not receive points for yardage gained during the conversion)
2 pts per passing 2 pt conversion
1 pt  per 10 yards rushing or receiving
1 pt  per 25 yards passing
Bonus Points
2 pts per rushing or receiving TD of 40 yards or more
2 pts per passing TD of 40 yards or more
(note: the player must score a touchdown to score the points)
Penalty Points
-2 pts per intercepted pass
-2 pts per fumble lost


“Seems quite involved,” you protest. “I thought I didn’t have to do much to enter this contest.” Don’t worry, gentle reader, it is involved, but not for you.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend.  We’re going to do all the work, sort out the team players over the next 24 hours, and post them on CodeBetter.Com by Sunday morning at 9AM EST.  Remember: The team with the highest score this week wins!  You can watch this weekend’s games, or follow online, and root for your fantasy team players.  We’ll post the winner by 5PM EST on Tuesday, September 20th.

Honorary CodeBetterer Ben Schoenfeld (@oilytheotter) helped us figure all this out, and is the brains behind this scheme.  Hit him up on twitter if you have any questions or concerns, but he only takes complaints by mail written on $10 bills.

Good luck, and let us know @codebetter how your team’s doing!

About Brendan Tompkins

Brendan runs CodeBetter.Com. He was twice awarded MVP for Microsoft .NET, and is a founder and the CTO of Quick180.Com More about Brendan at https://www.linkedin.com/codebetter
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  • http://kenegozi.com/blog Ken Egozi

    Cool idea. Shame I know nothing about american football …