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Mocking Events

Currently in Rhino.Mocks, making mocks fire events and ensuring that an event on your SUT was fired are both awkward and verbose at best. Here is an example of both things at once: [Test] public void ViewFiresBeginDrag_Always_FiresChangedEvent() { IEventRaiser raiser; … Continue reading 

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Book Review: Hacking Vim

Some time ago, Packt Publishing sent me a copy of Hacking Vim: A Cookbook to get the Most out of the Latest Vim Editor by Kim Shulz to review. I read through it pretty quickly and I must say I … Continue reading 

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Separate Stub and Verify != Duplicate code necessarily

Daniel Cazzulino, author of Moq posted a good comment on my last post where I suggested looking into a Mockito like syntax for .NET Mock Frameworks. On the surface, Mockito’s approach seems good. But if you do the “true” comparison, … Continue reading 

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The Past, Present and Future (?) of Mocking

(Note: I’m going to speak about .NET mock projects here for the most part, but most of them have Java quasi-equivalents.) The original mocking frameworks like NMock required you to setup expectations by passing strings for method names. This was … Continue reading 

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