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Rapid UI Mockups with Balsamiq

I recently came across Balsamiq, a very well done application for quickly mocking up UI prototypes. With simple drag and drops you can quickly create some pretty slick prototypes. The prototypes have a sketch like look which allows the viewer … Continue reading 

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Machine has moved

Assembla was annoying us for a variety of reasons so we moved Machine to github. git clone git:// The astute may notice a few other repositories in the machine account… Jacob’s been busy. We’ll announce those projects in due time…

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How ThoughtWorks Studios annoys me (and likely its other customers)

The ThoughtWorks Studios forums are a usability and customer experience debacle. When you post something, it won’t show up until it’s "approved". This could take a few days or could never happen. It seems that they’ll occasionally forget to "approve" … Continue reading 

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Getting ReSharper and VS to play nice with MSpec

Does ReSharper want to make your specs look like this? But you want your specs to look like this? Just follow these easy steps: Go to Resharper>Options Go to Languages>C#>Formatting Style>Other Uncheck Modifiers>Use explicit private modifier Uncheck Other>Indent anonymous method … Continue reading 

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BDD – Consider your audience

Unlike vanilla TDD, the artifacts produced by BDD can and should be read by more than just developers. Most of us who practice TDD name our tests more or less like this: MessageBoardControllerTests.Index_WithTenMessages_ReturnsFiveMostRecentFromRepository() Shifting into Context/Specification style testing, one may … Continue reading 

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Udi Dahan’s SOA Bootcamp

Jacob and I just got back from Austin, TX where we were fortunate enough to attend the week long, lengthily titled Advanced Distributed Systems Design using SOA & DDD with Udi Dahan, The Software Simplist. Awesome. Just awesome. We’d been … Continue reading 

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Want to do cool things with ASP.NET MVC?

Steve Sanderson is apparently writing two Apress books on ASP.NET MVC. While doing so, he’s been digging deep into the framework and inventing/discovering some pretty amazing things. My favorites thus far are: Partial Requests in ASP.NET MVC Partial Output Caching … Continue reading 

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