Machine has moved

Assembla was annoying us for a variety of reasons so we moved Machine to github.

git clone git://

The astute may notice a few other repositories in the machine account… Jacob’s been busy. We’ll announce those projects in due time…

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  • David Powers

    Hi Aaron,

    A quick hello from Assembla. just joined the company and saw your post. Would love to learn the issues you had with us.

    Al the best,

    David Powers

  • Tobin Harris

    Cool. If you add a Readme.markdown file to your source tree? GitHub will display it very nicely on the project home page.

    See this example I did this for Golem

    Markdown also reads nicely in a text editor (so you can write it in Visual Studio).

    Syntax rules are here, if you’re interested

    I like GitHub, nice to see another .NET project on there!

  • Derick Bailey

    apparently i’m retarted and didn’t see the “download” link on github. ignore my previous whining. :)

  • Derick Bailey

    any svn access for those of us who are not git users and don’t want to learn a new source control system just for one project?