Monthly Archives: March 2009 now has git support!

Just wanted to post quickly to let everyone know that I just finished adding git support to, so if you’ve got an OSS project on git (and if it isn’t, you should consider moving it) you’ve been dying to … Continue reading 

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Hosting your OSS project on github

Maybe you’ve heard me or others blather on about how great git is and how great github is to host git projects. Maybe you’ve heard it enough that you want to give it a shot or at least see what … Continue reading 

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Machine.Specifications (MSpec) has moved (and git rocks)

EDIT:The actual clone url is here, the original link is to the github page. Sorry for the confusion: git clone git:// I just completed breaking Machine.Specifications into its own repository. It is now here: Why did I do this? … Continue reading 

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The ALT.NET Programming Contest

Several months ago, Justin Wilcox introduced me to the idea of a live programming contest. The basic idea is that you get a bunch of programmers together, form teams of two if you wish, and set them off to write … Continue reading 

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