now has git support!

Just wanted to post quickly to let everyone know that I just finished adding git support to, so if you’ve got an OSS project on git (and if it isn’t, you should consider moving it) you’ve been dying to get continuous integration going, please apply to have us host CI for your OSS project:

  • Register a user account here.
  • Email with the following information:
    • Your user account name, which you created above.
    • Project name & URL.
    • Link to your OSI-approved OSS license.
    • URL and type (SVN, CVS, git, …) of your source control system.
    • Build runner (NAnt, MSBuild, Rake, etc.) and default target.
    • Any additional requirements you might have.
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  • Louis DeJardin

    Amazing work. Thanks for the fast turnaround.

  • aaronjensen

    Hey alwink,

    Many projects aren’t currently set up to produce suitable artifacts. Also there are some that are just not set up to publish those artifacts. I haven’t gotten around to setting up my project’s artifacts but I do plan to. Hopefully other project owners feel the same way :)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • alwink

    I notice that many projects on don’t have any build artifacts. Is this on purpose?

    Still a great initiative though!

  • james.kovacs

    Awesome! Thanks for getting GIT support set up on the server.