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Machine.Migrations changes

Jacob first introduced Machine.Migrations over a year ago. Since then, it’s been a solid part of our process and we’re up to nearly 500 migrations with it on one project. Recently, I finally got around to making some changes I’ve … Continue reading 

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Building an iPhone app

Today we launched PicTranslator, a free Picture Translator for the iPhone. Building it was quite an adventure. I wanted to share some of the technologies we used, you may be surprised. On the iPhone: iPhone SDK: This one’s obvious. Unfortunately, … Continue reading 

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Advanced Selenium RC logging with MSpec

Today I pushed some new features to MSpec to allow you to see this in MSpec’s html report when you get Selenium RC failures: This is very similar to ruby’s selenium client’s rspec report. You can see a real example … Continue reading 

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A recent conversation about MSpec practices

Recently I’ve heard about more and more people checking out MSpec. A few days ago I got an email from a friend. He said he was having trouble with base class explosion while creating specs. Here is a snippet from … Continue reading 

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