Call for help with MSpec

2009-11-18_2240[1]Thankfully, the community has created a number of very helpful blog posts about MSpec. Unfortunately, I’ve been quite bad at aggregating them into a single authoritative source and documenting the few but somewhat obscure APIs and tools that make up MSpec. It is on my list of things to do but time has been rather… tight. I’d love to get it up sooner than later, as MSpec is getting more and more eyes on it and I want to make things as smooth as possible for new users.

That’s where this plea comes in, I’m looking for someone to help put together some documentation in one place, probably the github README.markdown. I obviously don’t have anything to offer other than fame and fortune (minus the fortune and probably the fame). Rest assured, though, that myself and the rest of the community (like kreiggers) would be forever grateful.

I’d be happy to edit and keep up to date the documentation once created so this wouldn’t be an ongoing effort, but I could use some help getting started. Ping me on twitter if you’re interested and we can brainstorm a bit. Thanks in advance and sorry for the spam.

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  • Byron Sommardahl


    I can’t commit a bunch of time right now to helping with this, but I wanted to let you know I came up with a categorized list of mspec-related links (some with explanations) for some co-workers. There’s some good information out there being produced by the community, it’s just not easily discoverable. Hopefully, this blog entry will help to bring the resources together.


  • aaronjensen


    There are several ways. You could use the TestDriven.NET runner or the ReSharper runner in Visual Studio to only run the test you want to run (and, quite frankly, if you’re not doing this, you need to be, otherwise tdd/bdd is WAY too tedious).

    The other way to do it would be to add a Tag to the spec you want to run: [Tags(“mytag”)] then run mspec.exe with -i mytag to include/run only mytag.

  • ryzam

    Hi Aaron

    I have one simple question, I think ..

    How can I run selected test without using Ignore. For example if I use normal TDD style using NUnit GUI runner , I can select which test I want to run, but seem in MSpec I can’t do that instead to put Ignore for the test that I dont want to execute.