MSpec latest build download now available

Update: Here’s a direct link to download the latest build of MSpec.

Many thanks again to Alexander Groß for adding packaging to MSpec. You can now download builds from here without having to build it yourself! Just grab the Artifact from the latest build.

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  • Aaron Jensen

    Not at all, it’s alive and well. It’s primarily maintained by Alex now rather than myself, but it’s still active.

  • Tboring

    Is MSpec a dead project now?

  • Lorenzo

    Thank you Aaron for your answer!
    My main need is to start developing my next web solution(s) using some Test/Behiavur backing.
    I actually tried to run it in VB and although it work, I agree with you that it does not make VB less noisy.
    I could still follow your suggestion to test VB with C#/Mspec code.
    However I take your suggestion and follow your journey instead of looking for shortcuts.
    I watched some of the Test unit vidoes on VS, but the best I could get is to understand how to verify that a “new myClass” statement would actually create an object of type MyCalss 😉 and reading some BDD I started believing that TDD was evil…
    Thank you again for your suggerstions. I guess you’ll see me back in six months or so :-)


  • aaronjensen

    Hi Lorenzo,

    MSpec isn’t a tool you pick up and use to just use. It’s a framework to help make something you’re already doing cleaner. That something is Context/Specification style testing.

    Going from not doing TDD to using MSpec would be skipping several steps to say the least. If this sort of thing interests you, I strongly recommend you start with TDD and build from there. There’s a lot of learning to do, but it is all worth it.

    As for VB, it may work in VB, but I don’t think that really matters. MSpec is C# hackery designed to make C# look less noisy. There would probably be a completely different way to do this in VB. The C# way is not going to be this same way. That said, there’s no reason you can’t test VB assemblies with C#. I’d recommend this approach once you get to an adequate level of comfort with BDD.

    Here was my journey, you could have a similar one:

    1) Learn TDD, Love TDD (using NUnit)
    2) Realize TDDs misgivings in effectively communicating test intent to yourself, other developers and stakeholders
    3) Learn BDD/ContextSpec, Love BDD/ContextSpec (using NUnit)
    4) Realize other testing frameworks noisiness that distracts from the essence of the test
    5) Use MSpec
    6) Continue to learn and grow

  • Lorenzo

    I’m new on BDD and I don’t know TDD either, but I found this solution interesting. I have a couple of questions.
    1) Do I need to have expreience on TDD in order to use this tool?
    2) I’m a ASP.NET/VB developer. Does this tool run in VB as well?
    Thank you for your work.

  • Marcin Obel

    Hi All,

    I have released an installer for MSpec 0.3. You can download it from my blog:

    Best regards,
    Marcin Obel