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New Blog

Hey all, now that I’m doing primarily Rails work (we’re hiring in Seattle by the way, email), I’ve just started a new personal blog at I’ll probably still post here occasionally when dabbling in the .NET world, but most … Continue reading 

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Machine.Specifications (MSpec) 0.4

Some time ago, I handed off maintenance of MSpec to Alexander Groß. He has continued to add features, fix bugs, tweak and fine tune various aspects of MSpec. I’m forever grateful for his efforts. Over the past few days, he … Continue reading 

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Simple site sanity testing with Cassini and friends

Recently I wanted to add a very simple sanity check to our sites’ build. Typically the Integration/Selenium RC tests would handle this sort of thing, but I wanted something light enough to go in continuous integration build so we would … Continue reading 

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MSpec latest build download now available

Update: Here’s a direct link to download the latest build of MSpec. Many thanks again to Alexander Groß for adding packaging to MSpec. You can now download builds from here without having to build it yourself! Just grab the Artifact … Continue reading 

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Call for help with MSpec

Thankfully, the community has created a number of very helpful blog posts about MSpec. Unfortunately, I’ve been quite bad at aggregating them into a single authoritative source and documenting the few but somewhat obscure APIs and tools that make up … Continue reading 

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