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Machine.Specifications (MSpec) 0.4

Some time ago, I handed off maintenance of MSpec to Alexander Groß. He has continued to add features, fix bugs, tweak and fine tune various aspects of MSpec. I’m forever grateful for his efforts. Over the past few days, he … Continue reading 

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MSpec latest build download now available

Update: Here’s a direct link to download the latest build of MSpec. Many thanks again to Alexander Groß for adding packaging to MSpec. You can now download builds from here without having to build it yourself! Just grab the Artifact … Continue reading 

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Call for help with MSpec

Thankfully, the community has created a number of very helpful blog posts about MSpec. Unfortunately, I’ve been quite bad at aggregating them into a single authoritative source and documenting the few but somewhat obscure APIs and tools that make up … Continue reading 

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MSpec v0.3

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is beta (still). The assertion library is new and may have bugs. I’d appreciate you testing it on your specs, but don’t fight specs breaking too hard if they do, let me know what happened and revert, … Continue reading 

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Machine.Migrations changes

Jacob first introduced Machine.Migrations over a year ago. Since then, it’s been a solid part of our process and we’re up to nearly 500 migrations with it on one project. Recently, I finally got around to making some changes I’ve … Continue reading 

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Machine.Specifications (MSpec) has moved (and git rocks)

EDIT:The actual clone url is here, the original link is to the github page. Sorry for the confusion: git clone git:// I just completed breaking Machine.Specifications into its own repository. It is now here: Why did I do this? … Continue reading 

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Machine has moved

Assembla was annoying us for a variety of reasons so we moved Machine to github. git clone git:// The astute may notice a few other repositories in the machine account… Jacob’s been busy. We’ll announce those projects in due time…


Getting ReSharper and VS to play nice with MSpec

Does ReSharper want to make your specs look like this? But you want your specs to look like this? Just follow these easy steps: Go to Resharper>Options Go to Languages>C#>Formatting Style>Other Uncheck Modifiers>Use explicit private modifier Uncheck Other>Indent anonymous method … Continue reading 

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Introducing Machine.Specifications (or MSpec for short)

As some of you who follow me on twitter know, I’ve been working on Yet Another Context/Specification Framework as an experiment. Yeah, I know we already have NSpec and NBehave, and they’re great and all, but MSpec takes things on … Continue reading 

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