CodeBetter.Com exists in order to help foster awareness of better practices, superior tools, proven methodologies and techniques within the software development community.

As content providers, we hope to publish precise and knowledgeable information, and guide conversations by sharing our personal experiences learning about and engaging in the process of software engineering. We strive to keep our content technical and only produce as much new content daily as a reader can read in detail in single sitting.

We are focused on building up activities, as opposed to tearing down activities.  Tearing down activities involve finding faults with and pointing out shortcomings of techniques, tools and methodologies.   Building up activities involve showing what works, rather than what doesn’t.

We hope that you will find valuable content at CodeBetter.Com and that what you find here will help you succeed in your software development pursuits!

Who are the members of CodeBetter.Com?

CodeBetter.com is a community of individuals who have day jobs as software developers focused on using Microsoft technologies, particularly .Net based languages, Sql Server, Sharepoint, BizTalk, server platforms and other software.

How was CodeBetter.Com formed?

CodeBetter.Com was initially created in early 2005 by bloggers (Brendan and Darrell) who saw a need for a focused, technical blogging community. Having been members of the popular DotNetJunkies.com community for over a year, they realized that a small, focused group would be a good place to learn and share their experiences with the community.

I don’t see a tip jar. Can I leave a tip?

Nope. All we ask is that you get involved. Every comment you leave on a post or article, positive or negative, helps all of us navigate the technical waters better. If you have a blog, and would like to help the cause, link to us!

Can I have a blog at CodeBetter.Com?

At the time of this writing, CodeBetter.Com is not offering blogging accounts. Since we pay for hosting ourselves, we cannot afford the disk space and traffic fees that hosting blog accounts would certainly impose. Also we’re trying very hard to remain small and focused, with only as much new daily content that a person can read in a sitting. Because of this, we’re deliberately keeping our membership low.

Aren’t you guys just being elitist jerks?

Hopefully, if you’ve read this far, you understand what we’re tying to do by remaining small and focused.

So what makes you guys think you know so much, you elitist jerks?

We’re constantly learning ourselves. What makes CodeBetter.Com a good dependable place for accurate information is you, the community. The more you read and respond in comments and discussion posts, the better.

So how do I know I can trust what I read here?

We’re trying to share what we’ve learned, which will hopefully be a starting point for discussion and exploration. Don’t take our word for it, and don’t practice anything without first thinking about, researching and testing the ideas you find here.

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  • Wallace Petersen

    I am seeking a better web UI automation tool for my company. We test large internal workflow applications in financial services. Current WatiN is used but I am being stymied by thing it can either not do or I just can’t figure out. Such as dealing with web part in my app.

    Can you suggest avenues that we might pursue? NFit, FIT-Nesse, Storyteller(sic), Selenium, etc etc?

    Thank you

  • Decker97

    I still don’t get it – I can comment here but not on an article?  How do I register with your website?

  • J Healy

    I’m hoping you guys are aware that in Google Reader your RSS feed posts are showing up under multiple authors – 

    For instance just got

    (Small) digital disappointments

    from Peter van Ooijen only it’s coming in four times under these folks I do subscribe to:

    Glenn Block
    Patrick Smacchia
    Greg Young

    This started some months back and is a bit annoying. Maybe someone could look into it?

  • Jamie

    I get a 502 Bad Gateway error when visiting http://codebetter.com/iancooper/2007/11/29/architecting-linq-to-sql-applications-part-1/
    Could someone please resolve?


  • Behrouz

    Hi Greg, could you please clarify whether it is OK for an Entity to reference a Repository; for example, Customer class to have dependency on ICustomerRepository?
    If the answer is yes, would that mean whoever instantiate the Customer entity needs to be able to inject dependencies into Customer through its constructor or property etc?

    • Omid

      An Entity is part of relational context so based on Solid principles you have not to do it as it’s mixing the responsibilities , but if that s a need shall do analysis to fetch what part of your repository is mostly interested to act as entity so surely you can replace this part

  • Behoruz

    It is the first time I am trying to adopt DDD in a project I have just started working on and I am struggling in a few areas. For example: I really don’t know if domain entities can, should, or must not be used as EF entities. I am particularly concerned about performance consequences of mapping every single domain entity into EF entity. I also don’t know how too keep track of changes so that EF doesn’t have to store/update a whole bunch of data that is already in the database over and over again. Your advice would greatly appreciated.

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  • http://tsjensen.com/blog Tyler

    Haha… I love the “elitist jerks” questions. I must be one too because it never occurred to me to think of the writers here as such. I have enjoyed the posts here very much.

  • Haidet Vlad-Dragos

    One question on MSpec – why do all fields must be static ?

  • Alex Pollan

    Hi Greg: I wonder why did you stop writing about CQRS and/or DDD. I’m a follower of you and very enthusiast of those principles. Best regards

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    I don’t know how to contact you guy but many link on th site return 503 error.
    Hope you guys can fix it (of course you can, if you have time :))

  • Oleksandr Lopatnov

    It looks like as vulnerability of site – http://codebetter.com/raymondlewallen/2005/06/23/system-nullreferenceexception-object-reference-not-set-to-an-instance-of-an-object-3-common-causes-in-vb-net/
    What is mean this message: You login is ” + dbUserID + ” ?

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