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UPDATE: Our friends from LosTechies also wanted to participate, and they donated a number of licenses (6 and counting). Thank you guys

In an internal discussion we had, an interesting idea popped up. MVP bloggers we had at CB/DL were generous enough to donate some of their MSDN subscriptions they were given as part of MVP program. Currently we have 7-10 licenses available, and this number may increase if we get outside donations. The subscriptions are for one year.

We decided to give them away to successful/promising OSS projects that are in need of licenses. The rules are simple.

  1. The project has to be opensource
  2. The project has to be in need of MSDN license. We’ll trust your word in this.
  3. The selection will be based on our discretion, we’ll do our best on being fair.
  4. We may change the number of licenses available during the selection progress.

You can send me an email (tehlike (hat) gmail (hot) com) with title starting with [CD/MSDN], or DM me on twitter (@tehlike) if you want to participate. You have to include

  1. Public URL for the project page
  2. Your name and your position in the project

Good luck!

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Ben Hall is a UK C# developer\tester with a strong passion for software development and loves writing code. Ben enjoys exploring different ways of testing software, including both manual and automated testing, focusing on the best ways to test different types of applications. He also loves developing web applications using and Ruby on Rails. Ben is an MVP and can be contacted by emailing Blog {at} Ben Hall .me .uk
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  • Marble Floor Repair

    The subscriptions are for one year.

  • Tuna Toksoz

    Hi Dominic,

    We don’t have a closing date yet, but you’d better hurry.

    The project can be anything, ie a library/utility or a cms portal, or even a VS extension, for example, but it has to be opensource.

  • Dominic Pettifer

    Is there a closing date for this? I have an idea for an OSS project, but I’ve not started it yet, was going to spend next couple weeks putting it together. Is it only for currently existing OSS projects? What sort of OSS project can it be, a library/utility project or can it be an actual product (eg. a web app, desktop app etc.)?