Hello CodeBetter World!

In an interesting turn of events, I’ve been invited to blog here! Having followed CodeBetter for a number of years, I’m extremely honoured and excited to be sharing my thoughts, opinions and discussion points here. 

My aim is to share my learning experience and journey on becoming a better software developer – or even a software craftsman with readers hopefully pointing me in the right direction when I go astray… 

Before CodeBetter, I’ve been blogging at Blog.BenHall.me.uk. My plan is to keep this blog alive with personal items such as slides, upcoming presentations and topics unrelated to CodeBetter. Alongside my blog, I was the co-author of Testing ASP.net Web Applications, released last November covering various different issues associated with ASP.net from TDD to manual testing to load testing. Using this as a foundation, I’m planning to cover more topics related to the subject together with my current work at 7digital.com where I am a developer.

If you want to know what I’m up-to before (or even if) I write about it here, then follow me on Twitter and on GitHub.


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