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[ANN] DC ALT.NET – 6/10/2009 – Evan Light on BDD

The June installment of DC ALT.NET will be on June 10th, 2009 from 7-9PM.  Stay tuned to our mailing list to stay up to date with the happenings of the group.  We’ve moved up the schedule just a little bit … Continue reading 

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MEF, Ruby and the machinations of Nicholas Blumhardt

Recently we were fortunate to have Nicholas Blumhardt join the MEF team. Before joining Microsoft, Nick was a busy man building enterprise software solutions, including developing Autofac, one of the popular IoC containers. Nick is very passionate about incorporating software … Continue reading 


Transitioning from NAnt to Rake

Maybe you’re interested in this Rake business. Maybe you’ve got a big investment in a whole build infrastructure in NAnt. Maybe, just maybe, it’s impractical to convert the whole enchilada over at once. What do you do? Wrap it in … Continue reading 


OMG Rake!

Rake is just… lovely. There’s no other way to describe it. I just moved our XEVA Framework to rake and ended up with this build script weighing in at only 35 lines: Check out the :harvest task where I’m requiring … Continue reading 


DC ALT.NET – 8/28/2008 – Ruby with Jeff Schoolcraft

The August meeting for DC ALT.NET will be on August 28th, 2008 from 7-9PM.  Check our site and our mailing list for continuing updates and future meetings.  This month, Jeff Schoolcraft, ASP.NET MVP, will host a conversation on Ruby.  This … Continue reading 

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RubyNation – August 1st-2nd

One of the interesting things happening in the Ruby community is the budding of regional Ruby conferences.  The Washington DC area is a pretty strong area for Ruby and Ruby on Rails as we have two Ruby user groups, Northern … Continue reading 

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Static versus Dynamic Languages – Attack of the Clones

Very recently there has been an ongoing debate between static and dynamically typed languages.  Since it seems that there has been some Star Wars references, I thought I’d add my own.  I originally wanted to cover this as part of … Continue reading 


John Lam on IronRuby

Time for another salvo of moving pictures! John catches us up on the IronRuby and shows some under-the-covers architecture of the DLR at the ALT.NET Open Spaces, Seattle event. I didn’t get the whole thing, but there’s some good stuff … Continue reading 


A Brief Statement on BDD

Scott Bellware posed a question on the newly formed BDD list asking people’s background. The list is concerned with Behavior-Driven Development but seems to have a heavy bias toward the .NET developer. This bias seems to bend the conversation towards … Continue reading 



Ben writes (emphasis his): System.Web.MVC will reach an audience that MonoRail doesn’t:  The corporate giant who already swallowed the pill and will do anything that Microsoft pushes, good or bad.  And a lot of consultants work firmly in this space. That’s … Continue reading