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The Case of the Confused ComboBox – A WPF/MVVM Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there were four friends – two TextBoxes and two ComboBoxes. They all lived happily on a WPF Window bound together in blissful MVVM harmony. The TextBoxes were bound to the ViewModel’s TextBoxText property and the ComboBoxes … Continue reading 


Testing a WPF UI using Ruby, Cucumber and WiPFlash.dll

Almost two years ago I blogged about Project White, an open source project available on CodePlex which provides an abstraction on top of the UI Automation library built into WPF and Silverlight. Fast forwarding and there is a new project … Continue reading 

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How do I expose configuration information through MEF?

<Goal>Post in 15 mins or less :-)</Goal> This question which recently popped on our forums is one of the common questions we hear from customers. In this particular case, wcoenen (the person in the forums) had recently used information that … Continue reading 


Herding code on MVVM and other presentation patterns in WPF and Silverlight

Recently I had the pleasure of having a nice lively discussion on Herding Code with my cohorts Ward Bell,  Rob Eisenberg and Jeremy Miller around one of our favorite topics, Presentation Patterns. We let the gloves come off and went … Continue reading 

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Upcoming talks at NDC in Oslo and Poland

Next week, I am heading to Europe for two weeks to give several talks. My first stop is NDC 2009, where I’ll be delivering the following talks: Framework Design Guidelines Building Maintainable Enterprise Applications with Silverlight and WPF Building openly … Continue reading 


“View Model” – the movie, cast your vote.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/richardmoross/3064808115/ No we’re not actually making a movie about View Model. If we were I am sure we’d get a low turn-out. However it did get your attention. What we are doing is some serious exploration into how we can … Continue reading 


Composite Application Guidance Talk at Tech-Ed

Several months ago, Brian Noyes and I delivered a talk on Composite App Guidance AKA Prism at Tech-Ed USA. In the talk we discuss the essentials of Prism and do a bunch of demonstrations (well Brian did) of how to … Continue reading 

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Using ViewModels and DataTemplates to compose your UI

Several drops ago we introduced a ViewModel composition spike. The purpose of this spike was to introduce a different way to compose your UI that WPF offers. That is instead of having your views and regions be UI-Elements, having them … Continue reading 


WPF, from this to that..Wow!

A few weeks ago, our reference implementation for Prism looked like this. Early on we decided that we needed the RI to have a better look in feel so that it delivered a more real world WPF experience. We hired … Continue reading 


Prism vs Framework XXX

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mukluk/288925731/ There’s been a bunch of talk on the net comparing Prism to other frameworks that exist. In many cases comparisons are being made based on feature parity and such. I think it’s important to make the distinction of why … Continue reading