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Getting the most out of System.DateTime

First of all, I have to proclaim my love for the System.DateTime and System.TimeSpan object.  I have to say that other than System.Data.DataSet family of objects, they’re my favorite.  The thing I like most, is that they give you just … Continue reading 

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Multi-Table DataSet with DataRelations from a Single-Table DataSet

Recently, I was tasked with creating a reporting application that did the following: Allow the user to choose Columns in one DataTable in a DataSet to group by. Render a grouped report from the flat table data. So, for example, if the … Continue reading 

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Strongly-Type a DropDownList with Enumerated Types

OBSOLETE CONTENT The author of this post has determined that this content is obsolete. Use at your own risk! Blog posts are a point-in-time snapshot of the blogger’s thinking and should not be assumed to represent this blogger’s current opinions. … Continue reading 

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