Welcome Marcus Hammarberg

I’d like to welcome Marcus to the CodeBetter.Com group.  I’ve been learning lots about Nancy Testing from his awesome series over on his personal blog.   By my understanding of Vertical Slice Testing, Marcus’ “Hatless, Shoeless” testing is a great example of  VEST a la Nancy.

One look at his tag cloud and it was obvious that he’s going to be a great fit around here:

.NET (180) Agile (147)ASP.NET MVC (41) BDD (47)BrassBand (86) C# (25)ContinuousDelivery (5) CQRS (1) DDD(13) Euphonium (14) Fun (66)Kanban (27) KanbanBoards (6) Lean(18) Life of a consultant(245) LINQ (6) Marcus private (217) MSBuild (24)Nancy (3) NHibernate (14) Salvation Army (50) Scrum (35) SOA (12)SpecFlow (30)SpecificationByExample (12) Sprint Planner Helper (32) TDD (46)Test (2) TFS (42) Tools (144)VB.NET (39) Visual Studio (46)WCF (24) Web Design (4) ÖreDev (15)

He’s a Lean and Agile coach, and currently co-authoring Kanban In Action.  Welcome Marcus!

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