ThinFolio “Stuffed Wallet” Giveaway!

12345Got it? No?

Okay, let’s try this… Our friend Mark (who you may know from running the BizSparkSF and  SF .NET Meetup Groups) is starting a new company ThinFolio.  “Go west young man!” I remember saying to him, nearly twenty years ago when we first met at a Boston startup.  With a tear in my eye I’m here to tell you that ThinFolio just launched their Kickstarter Campaign yesterday.  By the looks of it, (134 backers already) they’re going to be funded and Mark’s going to be the next wallet tycoon!  Huzzah! You can Back This Project $1 minimum pledge

So, as a thanks for being such an all around nice guy, devoting countless hours to the .NET community in his “spare time”, I offered to try to promote his Kickstarter with a giveaway:

We are giving away four ThinFolio Wallets, each “stuffed” with a free book from the InformIT site (a quick search of their site for “Fowler” tells you how good their selection is),  a copy of Ants Performance Profiler Pro  and a copy of R# or WebStorm – great tools which could theoretically help you “stuff” that new wallet with real $$.

Pretty good giveaway, I thought, but it needed something more. I tried to think of a good tagline – “Win a Stuffed Wallet, Stuffed with Stuff to help you Stuff … ” that was obviously going nowhere.  I went to my good friend Jacob Llaneras for help and and, um, well, that cartoon happened. Jacob thought this TLDR version would say it better:


I think he’s right. I should probably leave the marketing to the professionals.  So without further ado, enter below for your chance to win and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    I looked at your fare… my heart jumped all over the place.

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    thsnks for sharing!

    microwave rotary joint

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    Funny cartoon :)