So, in my area of the US, we’ve had somewhat of an unusual summer when it comes to shark attacks.  It seems like every other day, there’s an attack at a local beach, and in fact, yesterday they were falling from the sky here in Virginia Beach – I kid you not.

So, what if there was an app where you could report, and confirm reports of shark sightings and other beach conditions – good or bad.  Wouldn’t this make going to the beach just a tiny tiny bit safer?  Or asked another way.. If I saw a big bull shark 400 yards away from where your kids were swimming, wouldn’t it be neat if I could let you know somehow?


















In a nutshell, it’s Waze for the beach.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 11.46.19














Here’s where you come in.

I did this as a project for the local Code for America brigade, Code for Hampton Roads.  It’s being hosted by my good friends over at Hatch, a local tech accelerator here.  The app is a fork of the popular app that was made by another Code for America Brigade – Code for Boston.

Anyhow, we need people to work on this!  People are getting bitten!  Summer’s half over! Shark week’s almost here! :)

If anyone has any interest, all you have to do is work on the app and I’ll update with any pull request that I get.

Things we need :

  • More beaches!
  • Better beach configuration
  • Updates to the latest source
  • Twilio integration!


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