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Python Fabric Script for Setting up TeamCity on Ubuntu

I’m currently working on a project requiring a TeamCity setup on a Rackspace cloud account.   I’m a huge fan of Python Fabric for automating deployments, and have put together a recipe for installing TeamCity: Fabric is a Python library … Continue reading 

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New Powershell command line goodies for Windows Azure at #bldwin

Note: Please make sure to install Azure SDK 1.8 before installing the SDK. Some customers have ran into issues where the 1.8 SDK is not getting pulled in with our web pi feed. We just shipped the latest update for … Continue reading 


Sphinx – A better way to write your docs

In the cool things I am stealing from the python community, I would like to introduce you to Sphinx. Sphinx is a frigging amazing documentation tool. Its amazing because: it is simple: its just plain text formatted in reStructuredText its … Continue reading 


Functional Programming and Collective Intelligence – IV

In our last post in the series, we discussed a way to get which items I should check out next through the use of the our similarity algorithms which included the Pearson Coefficient, the Euclidean Distance and Manhattan Distance among … Continue reading 


A Brief Statement on BDD

Scott Bellware posed a question on the newly formed BDD list asking people’s background. The list is concerned with Behavior-Driven Development but seems to have a heavy bias toward the .NET developer. This bias seems to bend the conversation towards … Continue reading 


Good introductory IronPython article

Over on DevX there’s a good introductory article about IronPython. [via Paul Laudeman]


Dynamic languages work closer to how you design software

Some people I talk to have struggled with the usefulness of a dynamic language such as IronPython. To understand why dynamic languages are faster to develop in, let’s take a look at how developers design. Robert Glass, in his article … Continue reading 


Other people are interested in IronPython

One of Joel’s interns really likes IronPython. Go read it to see why, and then download the right version of IronPython and get started! IronPython for .NET 1.1 IronPython for .NET 2.0

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IronPython 0.7 Released!

Jim Hugunin announced IronPython 0.7 today at PyCon. Apparently it takes advantage of .NET 2.0 features. [via Jason Zander]

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It’s not dynamic vs. static typing

Bruce Eckel states exactly my thoughts on static vs dynamic typing: “I think the biggest problem when thinking about this [thought process] is that static-mind is very deterministic and unforgiving, and says “if I can’t find out about it at compile … Continue reading