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Docker is coming whether you like it or not

I’m excited about Docker. Unnaturally excited, one might say. So much so that I’ll be talking about it at MeasureUp this September. In the meantime, I have to temper my enthusiasm for the time being because Docker is still a … Continue reading 


Python Fabric Script for Setting up TeamCity on Ubuntu

I’m currently working on a project requiring a TeamCity setup on a Rackspace cloud account.   I’m a huge fan of Python Fabric for automating deployments, and have put together a recipe for installing TeamCity: Fabric is a Python library … Continue reading 

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Tip for running GWT UI tests in CI, or “How to be ignorant without the bliss”

Executive Summary: Wherein the cunning, dapper, and incredibly well-shod hillbilly adeptly and skillfully solves one of the enduring and endearing mysteries of the universe: Why the &*%$ does the first cucumber scenario in the CI build for our GWT app … Continue reading 

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Running cucumber tests against GWT/AppEngine in TeamCity, or “How to CI with UI”

Executive summary: Setting up automated UI tests for an GWT/AppEngine application using TeamCity for CI and Cucumber for the tests. Settle in folks. I’ma feelin’ verbose… Sometimes this “best tool for the job” schtick is a royal pain in the … Continue reading 


YouTrack for OSS Projects, or “How to broadcast your issues”

Bug tracking probably means something different to you than it does to the Hillbilly but if it gets you half as excited as it gets me, be sure to wander on over to As a sister-aunt service to, … Continue reading 

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CodeBetter CI Server update, or “How to plead your case”

A couple of months ago, I threw up a little PSA for people wanting to make project requests for I’m going to expand on it a little here in response to the most common errors and omissions I see. … Continue reading 


TeamCity/CodeBetter PSA, or “How to disguise your intentions”

I’d apologize for MY lack of posts lately but something tells me it didn’t adversely affect your life. I do have reaSONs that I WAS going to mention but again, I suspect no one lay awake at night thinking, “I … Continue reading 


Simple site sanity testing with Cassini and friends

Recently I wanted to add a very simple sanity check to our sites’ build. Typically the Integration/Selenium RC tests would handle this sort of thing, but I wanted something light enough to go in continuous integration build so we would … Continue reading 


TeamCity and CodeBetter update, or “How to move past the honeymoon phase”

The one year anniversary of when the TeamCity/CodeBetter collaboration was brought online. The reason I know this is because the product has a helpful feature whereby it warns you quite clearly at the top of the page when your license … Continue reading 


TeamCity.CodeBetter Project List

The question was asked: Dammit, why can’t you do anything right? But that’s not a question worth answering at the moment, instead I’ll focus on a different question that was asked: Some of the projects on the TeamCity/CodeBetter offspring (or, … Continue reading 

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