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TDD I Learned… Code Katas

Continuing to make my way through Roy Osherove’s TDD course.  There’s an interesting exercise that he introduces to help practice and gain the muscle memory required to do TDD well – the Code Kata.  Wikipedia attributes the code kata to Dave … Continue reading 

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Code Coverage [2]

Yesterday I wrote about some of the issues I find with code coverage being shown in a UI. More often than not displaying code coverage leads to a false sense of security. We have made a conscious decision to not … Continue reading 

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Code Coverage

One of our most frequently asked questions about Mighty Moose is why do we not do line by line code coverage. We have the capability of doing it, it would take a few weeks to make sure sequence points are … Continue reading 

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Mighty Moose Demo Up

I put up a quick demo of Mighty Moose this weekend. Longer videos are in the process of uploading today so there will be more to come. Mighty Moose Demo Video

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