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The Amazing Baconizer

The Amazing Baconizer shows how two items are linked by consumer preference on Amazon.  Very entertaining.  Courtesy of Chris Sells’ blog.

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Build fast, fix faster

Johanna Rothman writes about frequent builds and automated smoke tests in Build Fast and Fix Fast.  My favorite quote from her post: “The faster you want the project to go, the more frequently you need to build.” It seems counterintuitive, … Continue reading 

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Configuration Management Article

Eric Sink writes about version control features beyond CheckOut and CheckIn.  This is a good read for anyone using a version control tool (which should be everyone), especially for those using SourceGear’s Vault (Eric is CEO of SourceGear) or SourceSafe.

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The Goal – A Process of Ongoing Improvement

The Goal is an instructive business fiction novel.  What does that mean?  It means the author, Eli Goldratt, uses a fictional story, replete with characters, a plot, conflict, etc., to illustrate his business concepts, which makes it a very fast … Continue reading 

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Performance Counter Consolidation – Another Plus for Yukon

While reading an article in SQL Server Magazine, I learned that the ADO.NET connection pool counters are on the system executing ADO.NET code.  SQL Server performance counters, on the other hand, are on the system with SQL Server.  Since most apps … Continue reading 

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Problem with VS.NET Design View

A coworker and I are having a problem with the design view in VS.NET.  I can see any DataSets that we have put on one page in design view, but he cannot.  I look in the resx file and the DataSets are all … Continue reading 

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Three new Application Blocks from Microsoft!

Three new Application Blocks! The Configuration Management Application Block – store configuration settings in an XML file, a database, the registry, or a custom data store. The Updater Application Block – based on the AppUpdater sample on GotDotNet, it provides … Continue reading 

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Data Access Block v2 Released!

Version 2 of the excellent Data Access Application Block was made available on June 20 (not even mentioned on the GotDotNet home page!).  You can download the RTM here.

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Third normal form (3NF) is not the end goal

SBC recently posted on .NET Weblogs about designing databases prior to development.  While a good post, one statement got me: “normalization (at least 3NF)…” While third-normal form is a general guide in designing a database model, it is not the … Continue reading 

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Joe Walnes has a blog!

Joe Walnes, who works at ThoughtWorks in England, has just revived his blogging efforts. This one is on agile software development.  Subscribed.

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