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Things will never turn out like you expect them to

I was going through some of my old MBA class notes last night as I was not-as-frantically-as-I-should-be trying to pack (or pitch) for this weekend’s move.  It is hard to believe, as much as I am in to software development … Continue reading 

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New things on the horizon

Today (Tues, July 29, 2003) I put in my resignation notice.  Thankfully my company allowed me to leave this Friday on good terms, so that I could start my new job Monday, Aug 4.  I am going to have to … Continue reading 

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The ultimate in home security

The Subterranean Fortress – This tri-level house sits on top of a camouflaged 4-story deep Subterranean Fortress designed to handle virtually any disaster. The 3-ton blast door will certainly discourage solicitors.

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Improve your strongly typed DataSets

Jim Meeker thinks that strongly typed DataSets are cool.  Shawn Wildermuth has an article about Improving Typed DataSets on OnDotNet that shows you how to rename classes, properties, and relationship accessors, and define how to handle database nulls through annotations.  … Continue reading 

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Coding standards

Roy Osherove posts about coding standards, referencing DotNetJunkies own blogger Mark Brown, who posted about’s C# Coding Standards.  When I was working on creating coding standards for my company, I also looked at Mike Kruger’s C# coding standard, the … Continue reading 

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More about SQL Server Yukon has an interview with Euan Garden about what’s new in SQL Server Yukon.  This article has more details than many others I have seen.  Like I had suspected earlier, the XML capabilities in Yukon are really going to put … Continue reading 

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Guaranteed bug-free software

The very first guaranteed bug-free software program, NaDa.  Could be a revolution in the works here!  [courtesy of Hacknot]

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Avoiding cross-site scripting attacks with a Secure Label

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks are one of the easiest hacks to do, and usually pretty effective merely because developers do not guard against the threat.  It is a pain to have to write Server.HtmlEncode( string ) over and over again, … Continue reading 

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Secure your network the proven way

I just finished reading Chapter 15: Securing your Network, of the Improving Web Application Security: Threats and Countermeasures guide.  The amount of stuff that has to be configured and secured for even a small network is incredible.  Instead of abstracting … Continue reading 

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SQL Server articles and references

MSDN is starting to publish 2 articles per month from SQL Server magazine.  There’s no link, but the articles appear in the MSDN Just Published RSS feed.  I’ve had a subscription up until now (when my free year for getting … Continue reading 

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