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Random Observation

The people that probably know the most are also the ones trying hardest to learn.

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Be careful using Server.Transfer

Server.Transfer bypasses the authorization for the page you redirect to.  So if you use Server.Transfer instead of Response.Redirect (for other pros and cons of each see this article on managing navigation in ASP.NET by the excellent Mike Gunderloy), make sure that the … Continue reading 

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[Verbatim Identifiers: Part 2]

Paul Laudeman commented on my Verbatim Identifier post on how to differentiate identifiers from keywords in VB.NET.  I didn’t want this to be lost in the comments section of the post, so I am reproducing his comment in its entirety. … Continue reading 

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NUnit v2.1 RC released

NUnit v2.1 RC1 was released last night on SourceForge.  From the release documentation: * Support for the .NET framework versions 1.0 and 1.1* The ability to run test suites across multiple assemblies* New TestFixtureSetup and TestFixtureTeardown attributes* Improvements to the … Continue reading 

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The Design of Everyday…

I brushed off my copy, it actually was dirty, thanks to my recent move, of The Design of Everyday Things and reread it over the weekend.  I have the 1990 edition (white cover). For those who have not read this … Continue reading 

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Verbatim Identifier

Mark Michaelis posts about Using @ to Disambiguate Keywords from Identifiers in C#.  So, if you want to call a class “class”, you could do it like this: class @class{    static void Main()    {        @static(false);    }     public static void … Continue reading 

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Development team facade

One of Extreme Programming’s practices is OnSite Customer (also see Martin Fowler’s definition of OnsiteCustomer). Although it is good if each programmer can constantly ask questions of the customer whenever they need to, it is not good if the customer … Continue reading 

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Everybody’s in on it!

Mark DiGiovanni, one of several excellent developers I have had the pleasure of working with, has started a blog right here on DotNetJunkies weblogs!  Subscribed, of course. Now if only we could get Brendan and Eric in….

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Microsoft Programming Languages according to Microsoft

MSDN just published an article on Microsoft Programming Languages.  Here’s a summary (all terms are as presented in the white paper): VB.NET: task-oriented development C#: code-focused development Managed C++: power-oriented development J#: Java language development Very interesting reading…

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Grant Killian is blogging

”Surround yourself with people smarter than you.”  And with that, I would like to welcome to the blogging community Grant Killian, President and co-founder (with me!) of the WeProgram.NET user group!

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