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Monthly Archives: October 2003

PDC Presentations and Source Code now available on PDC web site

The PDC web site is finally getting the materials (PowerPoint slides and code samples) online!

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MSBuild – the .next generation of software builds

While reading the “Whidbey” roadmap, I found this: MSBuild will be completely transparent with regards to how it processes and builds software. All build steps will be explicitly expressed in the XML project file regardless of whether it was authored … Continue reading 

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Lots of information about SQL Server Yukon

A whole slew of information about SQL Server Yukon.

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Get the WinFX Namespace Poster online

Get the WinFX namespace poster: JPG or PDF.

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New MSDN Section on Visual Studio .NET for Enterprise use

New section on MSDN:  Visual Studio .NET 2003 for the Enterprise Customer. Includes stuff about Whidbey too.

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Influence and Negotiation, what every developer needs to know

I just got back from the Shania Twain concert at the MCI Center in Washington, DC and then 5 days in Las Vegas.  Sin city, the most profligate waste of money in the world today!  I took time off from … Continue reading 

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XP Assumes Skilled Developers

I’ve been exploring various facets of XP lately because I think it has a lot to offer the practice of software development. I’ve recently done pair programming, dealt with something akin to an onsite customer, and done plenty of testing … Continue reading 

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SQL Server Reporting Services BETA bits released!

Go download it now!  Only 87.1 MB. UPDATE:  You can sign up for the Microsoft Beta program at http://www.betaplace.com/.

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Red Squirrel RSS

Dave Hoover has syndicated his blog.  Thanks Dave, I am now subscribed.

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SqlJunkies is GotDotNet’s featured site

It’s Oct 13 as I write this and just now I found out that SqlJunkies is the GotDotNet featured site of the month.  Way to go Doug and Donny!

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