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Low-tech Project Management

Steve Maine tells us about his favorite project management methodology, wall-Gantts.  A wall-Gantt is a Gantt chart that is created with paper, string and note cards on a wall.  How’s that for low-tech? Speaking from personal experience, there’s nothing like … Continue reading 

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Agile Software Development by the numbers

From Agile Software Development, A DACS State-of-the-Art Report: Agile projects reported an increase in productivity of 15-23 percent, a 5-7 percent decrease in costs, and a 25-50 percent reduction in time-to-market. 84 percent of agile projects have 10 developers or … Continue reading 

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RSS Feed for ASP.NET Articles

Just wanted to post the RSS feed for the ASP.NET homepage [via Kent Sharkey]: The ‘recent articles’ list from is now available via RSS (you’ll see the shiny new XML button) or click:  

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The Benefits of Assigning a Non-default Value to Enums

As part of our current application, we are often using enums for the various benefits they bring.  One problem I ran into, though, is not assigning a non-zero (for integer enums) default value to the enum.   Why would this be … Continue reading 

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Scrum Overview

“Stable (defined) and unstable (random) systems are the extremes. What is novel is the concept of something in between – chaotic behavior. It refers to systems which display behavior which, though it has certain regularities, defies prediction. Think of the … Continue reading 

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SQL Server performance optimization, the joy of indexes

Another project was having some performance-related problems, so I was called in to review some of the stored procs to see if I could reduce the execution time.  As a brief overview, this part of the application pulled data from … Continue reading 

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A .NET Developer’s Guide to Windows Security

Keith Brown is developing an online book, A .NET Developer’s Guide to Windows Security. Keith Brown has his new security book online. And when I say “online”, I mean he’s actually writing the darn thing right there on his web … Continue reading 

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“Investigating .NET” articles about reflection and .NET languages

Jason Bock, author of Applied .NET Attributes, CIL Programming: Under the Hood of .NET, and .NET Security, is now posting a series of articles called “Investigating .NET”.  These were chapters from a book he was writing, so the writing is … Continue reading 

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TestRunner add-in for Visual Studio updated to work with NUnit v2.1

I noted on my .NET Test Driven Development article that I had problems getting TestRunner to work with NUnit v2.1.  Well all that has changed now.  Will Ballard sent me an email saying the he had updated TestRunner to play … Continue reading 

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Review of Agile and Iterative Development by Craig Larman

Agile and Iterative Development, by Craig Larman A lot of people are looking for proof of the effectiveness of agile software development methods.  Managers are looking for hard facts and data with balanced discussion on the pros and cons of … Continue reading 

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