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Top 10 Signs your development project is Doomed

10. After your application starts failing everywhere, you talk to the DBA and he says, “I had to change the names on all the columns because I didn’t follow the company standard.  You can still make Friday’s deadline right?” 9. … Continue reading 

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Risk Management the MSF way

I’ve looked at numerous risk management models and processes and have tried out several.  I always look at it with an eye toward practicality.  Even if the process is the best in the world, if it is too difficult or … Continue reading 

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SQL Server Transactions – Commit and Rollback

A coworker was having trouble with a stored proc. There were several IF statements where one path created another nested level transaction while the other did not. Trying to get the stored proc to COMMIT only certain transactions by name … Continue reading 

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Java not suitable for object-oriented frameworks?

Interesting article on why Java is not suitable for object-oriented frameworks [via Jeff Sutherland].  From the abstract: Many business applications involve Java and object-oriented frameworks. Several characteristics of Java conflict with some key features of frameworks. These conflicts force the creation … Continue reading 

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Windows Forms getting short shrift in .NET

Windows Forms are getting shortchanged in version 2 of .NET. In ASP.NET, the DataGrid control is already much better than the Windows Form DataGrid control.  And in ASP.NET 2.0, the DataGrid is getting automatic sorting and paging.  Yet there is … Continue reading 

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My Tech Predictions for 2004

Scott Hanselman offers some technology predictions for 2004.  In an attempt to cash in on the high popularity and low responsibility entailed with such a blog topic, I offer my own technology predictions for 2004. First up, the smart personal … Continue reading 

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TDD: How much unit test code should you write?

Introduction Some other bloggers have asked how much unit test code (as a percentage of the total project’s code) should be written.  I have certainly asked that question myself!  So I decided to find out. The point of this research … Continue reading 

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NUnitAsp v1.4.1 Released while we were sleeping

NUnitAsp v1.4.1 is out.  There are a couple of cool new features, and it’s built with the latest version of NUnit.  From the release notes: This release includes numerous improvements, thanks to our new patch king, Levi Khatskevitch. We have support … Continue reading 

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More on Contracting, Consulting, and being Independent

There have been some good posts on consulting and contracting lately.  These posts sort of form a thread, so I’ve arranged them in roughly chronological order. In his first consulting post, Rory breaks contractors down into two categories: headhunters or independents. … Continue reading 

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Consultants vs. Contract Programmers

DonXML Demsak left a comment in response to this post by brady gaster.  It was so good I couldn’t leave it buried in the comments. You are confusing 2 similar but definitely different jobs, the consultant versus the contract programmer. … Continue reading 

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