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Going AWOL

I’ll probably be quiet for a week or so.  I’m having surgery on my ankle after breaking it snowboarding. Happy bloggin’!

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Review of Applying UML and Patterns by Craig Larman

The subtitle to this book is “An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and the Unified Process”, and it is indeed a book about object-oriented analysis and design.  Applying UML and Patterns uses the unified process (UP) as the iterative … Continue reading 

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Tips and Best Practices for NUnitAsp testing

After using NUnitAsp to do lots of testing over the past several weeks, I’ve learned a few tips that I would like to pass on.  These are not “how-to code NUnitAsp“ but more of “how to keep your hair with … Continue reading 

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Congratulations to James Avery – ASP.NET MVP

I just found out my buddy James Avery is an ASP.NET MVP.  He is also keeping a list of the newly-named MVPs with links to their blogs. Congrats James!

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Review of UML Distilled by Martin Fowler

UML Distilled is an introduction to the UML.  It boils down the huge amount of documentation surrounding the UML into a small (160 page) subset of the UML that software developers need to know for normal software construction.  Martin Fowler … Continue reading 

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VSNUnit – NUnit integration with Visual Studio .NET

I finally had a chance to check out VSNUnit.  It seems to run pretty well.  I don’t get as many errors as the TestRunner add-in, though neither program is perfect.  I don’t know which one I like more yet; I … Continue reading 

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WeProgram.NET begins membership drive!

WeProgram.NET had its inaugural meeting in June 2003.  Since then membership has grown rapidly, with members attending from throughout Hampton Roads.  We usually meet on the first Tuesday of every month.  Currently ESI in Newport News provides the meeting facilities … Continue reading 

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The rising importance of SLAs

As Jim Meeker is finding out, Service Level Agreements are increasingly important in an age of web services and service-oriented architectures. Here is an excellent summary of Service Level Agreements.  It includes an overview, checklist, case study, buzzword definitions, Q&A … Continue reading 

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New Crystal Reports ad?

With the recent release of everybody’s favorite reporting software, Crystal Reports, a secret informer gave me unsubstantiated details of a possible ad campaign for the new version.  Here it is: I’m just not sure how well this ad will sell software.  … Continue reading 

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Per-Assembly Configuration Files ported to VB

Mike Woodring at DevelopMentor created an excellent code sample on Per-Assembly Configuration Files.  The sample contains a class called AssemblySettings that allows you to use per-assembly configuration files with appSettings-like configuration elements.  The original code is in C#, however I … Continue reading 

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