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Why I hate Radio Userland

Radio Userland is one of the larger weblogs on the net.  Why do they suck?  One simple reason.  If you forget (or don’t want) to fill in one of the comment form sections, such as your email address, when you … Continue reading 

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.NET Weblogs Archive, your one-stop .NET weblogs shop

If you haven’t checked out the .NET Weblogs Archive site, maintained by Jesse Ezell, you really ought to do so.  I had not visited it in a while, and Jesse has done a lot of work since then! The entire … Continue reading 

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How to troubleshoot bad RAM

My laptop was suffering from intermittent crashes, leading me to suspect some of my laptop’s memory was bad.  So I went Googling for answers. Windows has a Windows Memory Diagnostic tool that scans your memory for you.  To use it, … Continue reading 

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Tool: IPLookup

After getting aggravated with some comment spam, I needed a tool to lookup who owned a block of IP addresses. Enter IPLookup.  It does whois lookups on IP addresses or converts host names to IP addresses.  And it’s free and easy-to-use.  … Continue reading 

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Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Here is an excellent list of Firefox keyboard shortcuts.  It also shows how the keyboard shortcuts for specific actions map across Firefox, IE, and Opera.  The most important shortcut to know, the Google search box, is Ctrl+K.

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ASP.NET postback error?

I’ve encountered a very strange error in ASP.NET.  I’ve been able to reproduce it successfully and consistently in a test project. Normally if you hit the back button, the page you go back to does not postback.  However, if on the … Continue reading 

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Passed the UML certification exam (IBM exam 486)

I passed the IBM 000-486 test Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML test today with a 91%.  My employer is big on UML and wants pretty much everyone to take this exam. What’s nice with the IBM test is it … Continue reading 

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My Worst Database Experience Ever

Roy is talking about database sins.  I worked on porting one database that had to be the worst I’ve ever seen in my entire career. First off, it was an Access database.  It starts off well doesn’t it?  J  Well, … Continue reading 

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Teach Yourself Programming in 10 Years

Peter Norvig, Director of Search Quality at Google, has an excellent essay titled Teach Yourself Programming in 10 Years.  It’s a commentary on the state of books titled “Teach youself x-technology in y days/hours/minutes.”  Although written in 2001, it’s still … Continue reading 

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Why do developers still use SourceSafe?

Scott Nonnenberg asks why anyone still uses Visual SourceSafe (VSS), especially versus CVS, after some recent bad experiences with it.  Here’s my take on the situation. The nice part is that VSS actually integrates with VS.NET while CVS does not.  … Continue reading 

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