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A new round of webcasts on BizTalk Server 2004

From Jim Blizzard’s Blog:  The BizTalk Server team is going to have another round of WebCasts in April.   MSDN Webcast: Adding Business Activity Monitoring your BizTalk Server 2004 Projects – Level 200April 07, 20041:00 PM – 2:30 PM Pacific TimeJohn … Continue reading 

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Miguel posts Mono Brainshare PowerPoints

Miguel has posted a full list of the Mono Brainshare PowerPoint slides. Introducing Mono for Developers [ppt]; Advanced Mono Development: Best Practices [ppt]; Mon Developing and Deploying .NET Applications for Linux [ppt]; Mon Rapid GUI Application Development on Linux [ppt]; … Continue reading 

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Use a single AssemblyInfo file for multiple projects

If you want to have a single AssemblyInfo file for a multi-project solution, the easiest way to do it is: Place the AssemblyVersion attribute in a single source file, for example AssemblyVersionInfo.cs or AssemblyVersionInfo.vb. Share the file across any projects … Continue reading 

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DefaultButton v2.0 – now supports ImageButtons

DefaultButton v2.0 has been released.  The code has been updated to work with ImageButtons (though only on Netscape 6+ and IE 5.5+).  Thanks to Matt Pelletier at EastMedia for help figuring it out! The reason Netscape 4 is not supported … Continue reading 

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Tips on Implementing RosettaNet solutions with BizTalk Server

Simon Chadwick has some good tips on implementing RosettaNet Solutions with BizTalk Server 2002.>  These are general tips and the architecture is fairly generic (to RosettaNet), so it should work with BTS 2004 as well (not that I have tested … Continue reading 

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TDD in Microsoft.NET book now shipping!

Test Driven Development in Microsoft Net by James W. Newkirk and Alexei A. Vorontsov is now shipping!

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URLScan Watcher – find out when the URLScan log file changes

After getting burned by URLScan one too many times, I wrote a quick little app called URLScan Watcher.  It records whenever the current URLScan log file changes (using the handy .NET FileSystemWatcher).  You can minimize it to the system tray … Continue reading 

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Miguel de Icaza predicts the future of open source development

Miguel de Icaza posted On Fragmentation in response to a Linux open source developer.>  In it, Miguel hints at the path I believe Mono is going to take in the future.>  Essentially, he argues that applications should have a large … Continue reading 

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I’ll just take Grant’s license plate idea first

Grant, is this what you wanted?  (This was not Photoshop-ed.  You can try out VA license plates online here)

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Got IIS Problems? Check the URLScan logs

We all run IISLockdown on our computers, because we are security-conscious developers, right? If you have and you are having any sort of IIS problems, make sure to check the URLScan logs.  You can find them at %WINDOWS%\system32\inetsrv\urlscan.  If any … Continue reading 

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