Got IIS Problems? Check the URLScan logs

We all run IISLockdown on our computers, because we are security-conscious developers, right?

If you have and you are having any sort of IIS problems, make sure to check the URLScan logs.  You can find them at %WINDOWS%\system32\inetsrv\urlscan.  If any requests are being rejected due to URLScan filters, the log file will show the reason why a request was rejected.

I spent half-an-hour trying to figure out why the computer couldn’t find my BizTalkServerRepository.  Aaargh!

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8 Responses to Got IIS Problems? Check the URLScan logs

  1. Adam Ramsden says:

    I am currently using iis 5.0 to host a created website on my internal ip. All my settings for default website are correct, but suddenly i cannot view the site in firefox or i.e. The error msg i recieve is page error, page cannot be displayed, or in firefox to contact my system admin as the page could not be executed?

    I have no idea! Help!

  2. Bharathi says:


    I am trying to install Application SErver (IIS) on Windows 2003 server. Add/Rmove Windows Componenets, I had the Windows 2003 Enterprise edition Disc, it does not recognise the file and gives me the roor "Setup cannot copy the file convlog.ex_" The file is right there, but it has problems reading the file. Please help me.



  3. George says:

    I am trying to install a software on Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 that runs on ASPpages qualified on IIS 5.0 and the installation fails giving me an error requesting that I re-install IIS. I get this error even though IIS 6.0 is installed and running.

  4. Darrell says:

    Seth – that tool tells you if something is wrong, which is easy enough to tell by checking the log.

    Better yet, I wrote a tool that shows a popup window whenever the URLScan log is modified by URLScan (indicating a rejected request). Check it out here:

  5. Seth says:

    Online spot to check your urlscan logs.


  6. Darrell Norton's Blog says:

    URLScan Watcher – find out when the URLScan log file changes

  7. Darrell says:

    Brian – yes, I ran into the exact same thing on an internal web project that had dots in the URL. Man was that frustrating.

  8. Brian Broom says:

    I ran into the same problem installing flexwiki. URLScan was rejecting requests because of dots in the filename. Didn’t figure that out untill I tried to figure out why certain requests made it to the iis logs and some did not.

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