I’ll just take Grant’s license plate idea first

Grant, is this what you wanted?  (This was not Photoshop-ed.  You can try out VA license plates online here)

CLR RULZ! license plate

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6 Responses to I’ll just take Grant’s license plate idea first

  1. Peter's Gekko says:

    sa ? Sharks Anonymous !

  2. Darrell says:

    Peter – amazing how cultures differ, eh? That’s part of why I like blogging so much!

  3. Peter van Ooijen says:

    We have to pay for them as well. They are included in the price of a new car (with us a plate is bound to the vehicle, not the owner). When you need a new plate you go to a (specialized) shop with the document proving you own the car with that plate.

    Don’t know about the profit margin ..

  4. Darrell says:

    Mark – he’s not "for hire", otherwise we would hire him!

  5. Mark says:

    That’s not Grant’s plate type… it’s the "For Hire" one… silly.

  6. Peter van Ooijen says:

    What a country ! You don’t want to know what the Dutch state (and the EU !) have to say about license plates. You simply have no choice at all. Neither on content or on design. XH-49-YS, black on yellow, that’s me. My neighbour has 34-DE-FG, same design. What a bore.

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