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Random Observation #4

“Who would ever trust a journalist about technology or law anyway?” N. Alex Rupp

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NUnit and environment variable troubles

Lance Ahlberg was running into an Argument Exception when using NUnit. See how he fixed it: I have been getting an argument exception with details “Absolute path information required”, this exception was happening when I was running Tests with Nunit. … Continue reading 

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Another TDD Sucess story

It’s so easy to work with Test Driven Development. For example, I recently had to go in and debug a data access method. Well, I was supposed to just add tests for it, but I ended up having to debug … Continue reading 

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Zip up solutions inside Visual Studio

Someone else pointed this out code on CodeProject. It’s pretty useful when you want to share a project or solution via email. Now if only someone would add “Email to…” functionality. ZipStudio – A versatile Visual Studio add-in to zip up … Continue reading 

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Random Observation #3

Hilarious quote about “experienced” software developers: “Having many years of experience only establishes that one is old, not that one is correct.” [courtesy of Hacknot] I can’t tell you how many times people have argued with me saying “I’ve been … Continue reading 

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Dave Donaldson on .NET and J2EE

Dave Donaldson has an interesting series of posts on .NET and J2EE. Definitely worth checking out.

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View in Firefox, courtesy of Raymond Chen

Raymond Chen wrote up a post on extending the IE context menu in response to a comment I left on Brendan’s blog post of useful IE features. Reading Raymond’s post, it definitely is not hard to do, and I appreciate … Continue reading 

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Test Driven Development webcast today with Ron Jeffries

The 400 level designation is defined by Microsoft as advanced/expert level content (see content level definitions). This should be a good one! Test Driven Development as a Practice – Level 400 Products: Visual Studio.Recommended Audience: Developer. Date:  Monday, May 24, 2004Time: … Continue reading 

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How to test ASP.NET without IIS

Steven Padfield has a good article on Server-Side Unit Testing in ASP.NET: How to create an HttpContext outside of IIS. It shows how to get NUnit associated with an HttpContext without sending HTTP requests to the web server in a manner … Continue reading 

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TDD presentations and code using csUnit

Here are a couple new Test Driven Development presentations: An Introduction to Test-Driven Development (TDD) – code examples are in C# and Delphi using csUnit. Download the PowerPoint (1043K) Download the source code (90K) An Introduction to Test-Driven Development (TDD) … Continue reading 

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