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Notes from James Newkirk’s BOF at TechEd Europe

Benjamin writes an excellent (and thorough) review of the BOF James Newkirk on Integrating Unit Testing into the Software Development Lifecycle at TechEd Europe. Highly recommended!

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Two new Refactoring resources

I found the following two new Refactoring resources and added them to my .NET Test Driven Development overview. Fowler Refactoring Example by Dave VeenemanA C# translation of the ‘Starting Point’ example in Chapter 1 of Refactoring – Improving the Design … Continue reading 

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Requirements change

Requirements will always change. The changes will always cause you to redo existing code or have to write a lot more new code than you estimated. Changes never result in less work. The changes will always seem illogical. Requirements are … Continue reading 

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Movin’ on up…

I am now the proud owner of a big ol’ house payment! Luckily, it comes with its own house.

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New Microsoft group blogs

There are a few new “group” blogs over on The BizTalk Core Engine team weblog. The Visual Studio IDE team weblog. The Community Team has a weblog called Community Kitchen.

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Review of Debugging the Development Process by Steve Maguire

I had the opportunity to borrow this book from a friend, so I read it over my “currently reading” book. It’s a quick read, and the time was well spent. As I was reading Debugging the Development Process, I realized … Continue reading 

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Why choose monostate over singleton?

A while back I was wondering what the pragmatic difference was between singleton and monostate. Recently someone named Ken left a comment that described why someone would use monostate over singleton other than personal preference. To recap, the singleton pattern … Continue reading 

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Generate database schema information

Several times I’ve had to document an existing database structure and I didn’t have Visio or ERWin. So I created this stored proc to generate information on the tables in the stored procedure. Just run the stored proc in Query … Continue reading 

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Command line compilation of the Data Access Application Block

This should do the trick: VBvbc /imports:System,System.Data,System.Data.SqlClient,System.Xml,System.Collections,Microsoft.VisualBasic,System.Security.Permissions,System.Reflection,System.Runtime.InteropServices /t:library /r:System.Data.dll,System.dll,System.Xml.dll /out:SqlHelper.dll *.vb C#csc /t:library /r:System.Data.dll,System.dll,System.Xml.dll /out:SqlHelper.dll *.cs

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Get a record count for all tables in a database

I developed this stored proc after a testing group said that I had not included required data (data in the database for the application to work properly) in a deployment. It also comes in handy to make sure you’ve copied … Continue reading 

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