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Movin’ on up…

I am now the proud owner of a big ol’ house payment! Luckily, it comes with its own house.

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11 Responses to Movin’ on up…

  1. Jason Row says:

    I think it was DevTeach that they had in Montreal a week or so ago. Sounds like that was a good one to attend. I’ll have to do a poll to see what people recommend for developers.

  2. Darrell says:

    Cool. What are you attending? I’m *hoping* to go to TechEd in Orlando.

  3. Jason Row says:

    I’ll have to settle for buying you two drinks at a conference next year. My vacation is already booked for the summer and I won’t be in your area.

  4. Darrell says:

    Sure thing. You traveling down from Canada for that? :)

  5. Jason Row says:

    Ok, just let us know when you plan to have the house warming party.

  6. Darrell says:

    As soon as I take some. You would think I already would have pics, but no. Soon though. :)

  7. Jason Row says:

    So when do we get to see a picture of the new homestead?

  8. Darrell says:

    Most experienced people say that finding a good group of developers is the hard part, figuring out the app is easy. I have the good developers already, but I can’t seem to get the "easy" part of figuring out what to build! Doh!

  9. Jason Row says:

    I find I do a fair bit of thinking while I’m mowing the lawn, weeding, shoveling snow, raking leaves, etc… (the list never seems to end <grin>)

    Maybe you’ll have time to reflect on the latest book that you’re reading or come up with the idea for a killer application.

    Who knows … just enjoy your time outside away from the computer.

  10. Darrell says:

    Exactly! No, wait a minute, now there’s even *more* work to do! What have I gotten myself into now?!

  11. Grant says:

    Awesome! Congratulations. Now you’ll have some more time to do WeProgram.Net book reviews . . .

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