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Application Security series finished

Craig McMurtry has finished his extensive series of articles (I started trying to keep track back here, but he quit blogging for 4 months), focusing mainly on Active Directory and application security using Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) and Authorization … Continue reading 

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Selecting an Agile Process

Mike Cohn, author of User Stories Applied (which has been getting great reviews on Amazon, by the way), has an excellent presentation on Selecting an Agile Process: Comparing the Leading Alternatives (PDF, 837k). It is the slide deck from a … Continue reading 

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The Golden User Rule

It should be a well-known fact that user involvement is one of the most important factors in a successful software development project. If you get the wrong user, like someone who is not representative of the real end users, then … Continue reading 

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Bibliographical Gem

A bibliographical gem is an interesting book hidden in another book’s bibliography. Reading bibliographies is a sure sign of a geek, and the fact that I am posting something found in one kind of proves my guilt! Oh well, I … Continue reading 

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Now reading…

Thanks to Jim Newkirk’s glowing recommendation, I have started reading Agile Project Management by Jim Highsmith.

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Help! What should I read next?

I need some help here. I’m considering a couple of books to read after finally finishing Object Thinking (review in process). Which of the following books should I read next? Agile Project Management by Jim Highsmith Managing the Professional Services … Continue reading 

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Mixing Forms and Windows Authentication

Craig Andera, over on PluralSight blogs (it has a main feed now!), has a post showing how he integrated Windows and Forms Authentication for the same web application. From his post: “The trick was realizing that if you enable both … Continue reading 

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Take a survey and win $100 from Amazon

Wintellect, one of WeProgam.NET’s sponsors, is in the process of conducting some research about the Wintellect brand and are hoping you can help. If you are a developer, take the quick survey, which should not take more than 4 minutes … Continue reading 

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FileAssert updated

Thanks to Roy’s suggestion, I added an overload to the FileAssert class that takes the filename as a string (well actually two, since there is always a method that takes the error message to be displayed as a string). This … Continue reading 

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TDD with a database – one good solution

If you are doing TDD with a database, you owe it to yourself to check out Roy’s innovative use of Enterprise Services to make database testing easier. The first post explains a few ways to use his method, and the … Continue reading 

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