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Firefox tweak program built in .NET

Check out this cool product in Beta, FireTweaker XP. It’s customizes Firefox and it’s built using .NET!

FireTweaker XP requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 and a clean installation of Mozilla Firefox 0.9.x to run properly. Please keep in mind that only the Official version of Firefox, which is released on Mozilla.org and available for download, is supported by Firetweaker! Any other custom compiled versions of Firefox will not be tweaked and may cause Firetweaker to crash or generate errors.

FireTweaker XP Includes:

  • Appearance: 9 Tweaks to change the Appearance of your browser.

  • Performance: 4 Tweaks to increase the performance of your browser, [NEW]

  • Including the Firefox Auto-Optimizer which will automatically optimize your page-loading and rendering performance. [NEW]

  • Behavior: 9 Tweaks to change the Behavior of your browser.

  • Webpage Appearance: 6 Tweaks to customize the way you’d like firefox to render webpages.

  • RollBack!: Easily rollback all applied tweaks with the click of a button!

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7 Responses to Firefox tweak program built in .NET

  1. Lu1ChY says:

    can you send it to my email luichyluichy@yahoo.com.cn

    ty !!

    newest fire fox!

  2. Darrell says:

    NoMercy – yeah, except that I don’t have that kind of knowledge (XUL)! :)

  3. NoMercy says:

    This would probably make a good extention, if you wanted to re-code the whole thing in javascript and XUL :)

  4. Darrell says:


    Most of them are misunderstandings, but hey, that’s still a bug, and it needs to be fixed. :)

  5. Jason Row says:

    I was just curious. The only things I’ve done to Firefox is to add Tabbrowser extension and the All-in-one Gestures extension.

    I can’t believe your code has any bugs!

  6. Darrell says:

    I need to get around to updating my Firefox first. :) Now that they are testing my part of our current project, I’ve been doing bug fixes and builds most of the day.

    But I’ll get around to it soon!

  7. Jason Row says:

    Have you managed to play around with this utility yet? I’m curious to hear your thoughts about it?

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