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Monthly Archives: August 2004

CIO Magazine devotes an entire issue to Agile IT

I recently got my CIO magazine and the entire issue is devoted to Agile IT! There is a list of the top 100 agile IT companies, an article about the Department of Defense’s moves toward agility, how to build an … Continue reading 

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Unit testing a singleton

Jonathan de Halleux shows the simple way to test a singleton. Given this sample code:using System;public sealed class Singleton{   …   private Singleton() {}   public static Singleton Instance   {      get { …}   }} You can test it with reflection like this:using System.Reflection; [TestFixture]public … Continue reading 

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Humorous list on Amazon

This is the top ListMania! list on Amazon right now: So you’re going to jail… by Shawn Kresal, Citizen Definitely read his comments!

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How would you implement null argument checking

Eric Gunnerson wants to know how we would like to avoid Null Argument exceptions. I see this as related to Design-By-Contract. DBC has 3 checks: preconditions, postconditions, and invariants (both pre and post), so only 2 checks are needed and … Continue reading 

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Where is the compelling argument for software factories?

Steve Maine blogs about the case for software factories. He uses Timbuk2 as an example of what software factories could be like. What Steve is talking about with Timbuk2 is known as “assemble-to-order” in Operations Management. It’s the same thing … Continue reading 

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You shoulda been there – free software, books, and food

Here’s what you missed at the WeProgram.NET user group meeting Tuesday night! Thanks everyone for a great August meeting, and thank you to INETA for hosting the food and speaker. Richard Hale Shaw gave an excellent presentation on patterns and … Continue reading 

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Capitalization: Should you use ID or Id

Ander Stevenson has a post asking whether to ID or to Id. FxCop treats the ID as an error of the capitalization guidelines (name acronyms of three or more characters are Pascal-cased, and ID is not considered an acronym, it’s … Continue reading 

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Help Jim Newkirk come up with a better TDD example

Jim Newkirk needs your help coming up with a new, good Test Driven Development example. “So your task, if you wish to accept it, is to come up with an example that does not take a great deal to explain, … Continue reading 

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WeProgram.NET meeting Tuesday with INETA speaker Richard Hale Shaw

Tuesday August 10th at 7 PM, WeProgram.Net is hosting INETA speaker Richard Hale Shaw. As INETA, the International .Net Association, is sponsoring this event, we’ll have pizza and drinks for everyone. Please RSVP to grant @ optimizeIT .net if you are attending, … Continue reading 

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NUnit v2.2 Final Release!

Download from SourceForge. Also check out the release notes and change log. [via Robert Hurlbut]

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