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Viewing MSDN code samples in Firefox or Mozilla browsers

The MSDN facelift (not MSDN2) hosed the formatting of code samples in Firefox and Mozilla browsers. To fix it, add this to your userContent.css file (chromEdit is the easiest way to modify this file): /* Microsoft MSDN code stylesheet */pre{ white-space: pre … Continue reading 

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Hampton Roads Nerd Dinner tonight!

Time:  7:00pm, Thursday Sep. 30 (that is tonight!)Place:  Coliseum Mall in Hampton (directions)What:  Geek talk and mall food Just look for me:

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Change the size of the search box in Firefox 1.0PR

Firefox 1.0PR broke the old way of making the search box wider. The new way is to add this to your userChrome.css file (I like my search box BIG, you can adjust the number to suit): /* Make the Search … Continue reading 

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Development-related songs

I just noticed the Beastie Boys’ CD To the 5 Boroughs has lots of good development-related songs. The SourceSafe (or Vault) song:  Ch-Check It Out The build song:  Time To Build When every manager expects you to finish:  Right Right … Continue reading 

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T-SQL weblog

There’s a new T-SQL (the SQL Server variant of ANSI SQL) blog named, appropriately enough, TSQL_language’s WebLog. In the first (real) post Eugene Zabokritski declares that the first part of most SQL queries, the SELECT clause, is actually executed last.

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Software Development magazine’s Best Practices expo articles

Software Development magazine is posting articles reviewing the current sessions at the “SD Best Practices” show. Good reviews include Kent Beck’s Oprah Moment (Kent Beck), Common Sense Scrum (Ken Schwaber), and Admitting Uncertainty (Tom DeMarco). A good, short read. Free … Continue reading 

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For all your Nerd Dinner needs, check out Jim Blizzard’s For all your Hampton Roads nerd dinners, subscribe to the Hampton Roads Nerd Dinner blog! Thanks Jim! Help Jim out by spreading the word about

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Hampton Roads area Geek Dinner

We’re gearing up for a Hampton Roads-area Geek Dinner. If you are in the Hampton Roads area, which would include Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, etc., you need to attend! Time:  7:00pm, Thursday Sep. 30Place:  Coliseum … Continue reading 

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OT: The uncloggable toilet

Check this out: a toilet that is guaranteed not to clog. Has a Flash video demonstration too. If you want white, it’s only $408, $525 for a color.

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Free web-based survey app

I found a free survey application called NSurvey. It’s a free ASP.NET survey application written in .NET. Here’s the official list of features: User friendly web based administration interface. Unlimited paging support Page navigation (previous / next) Survey progress can … Continue reading 

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