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FxCop 1.312 Released!

Download Major features of this release ====================== -Simplification of report xml. -New Fix Categories: Each message is marked to indicate if the suggested fix will constitute a breaking change for previously shipped code. -User Interface Improvements: windowing behavior has been … Continue reading 

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828,000 Windows users can’t be wrong, can they?

I was skeptical of the “Windows Genuine Advantage” program, seeing no real, er, advantage. But apparently 828,000 people have visited the site, according to Mary Jo Foley.  And now Microsoft is (finally) offering $390 in free/reduced price software, like Photo Story.

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What is Indigo’s value proposition?

Benjamin posts an interesting response to Joel Spolsky’s interview on Microsoft-watch. Basically Joel says he’s not interested in Indigo since it is just a “big communications architecture” that makes it easier to build connected systems. Here are my thoughts in … Continue reading 

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FlashBlock: prevent autoloading of Flash content

In the comments to my previous post, Scott Galloway noted that advertisements could be the only thing keeping some web sites afloat financially. I noted that I didn’t mind text ads or static images, but animated gifs and Flash ads … Continue reading 

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Blocking 99%+ ads in Firefox

I’ve seen some things about blocking ads from web pages, such as the AdBlock extension. AdBlock is good, but I can only block ads after I’ve seen them. The best method I’ve seen so far was developed by Neil Jenkins. … Continue reading 

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Review of Managing the Professional Services Firm by David Maister

I was looking for a good book about how a professional services firm operates. There are tons of lame books for “getting started in consulting” or “your first year as a consultant”, but I wanted something that was more geared … Continue reading 

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Does anyone use the Pseudocode Programming Process?

I’m currently reading Code Complete 2 by Steve McConnell and I just finished Chapter 9. Chapter 9 talks about the Pseudocode Programming Process (PPP) in detail. PPP helps you design high-quality routines (methods in .NET). Basically you write what the … Continue reading 

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Hacknot on test anti-patterns

Since the project I’m working on is in the later stages, this post about bad testing from Hacknot is particularly timely. I agree with almost all of it, though it is obviously biased toward the development point of view, and … Continue reading 

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Selecting the search engine in the Firefox search bar

Ok, this is the last Firefox tip on searching. You’ve added smart keywords to your search and added custom search engines to Firefox. Now you’re tired of clicking on the little icon to change the search engine you’re using and … Continue reading 

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Determining if a T-SQL variable is in a range of values

Here’s a neat little T-SQL trick. You can use set-based operations on variables. For example, copy this in SQL Server Query Analyzer and running it prints “Vowel” to the output window: DECLARE @letter char(1)SELECT @letter = ‘A’IF @letter IN (‘A’, … Continue reading 

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