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2005 New Years Resolutions

Here are some of my 2005 resolutions: Professional Learn Python – I’m going to start learning a new programming language every year. This year is going to be Python. I’ve already learned a good bit, and I really like Python’s … Continue reading 

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Lord of the Rings extended edition DVD set

Last night I peeled the shrink wrap off one of my most highly anticipated Christmas gifts, The Lord of the Rings extended DVD collection. I only got to watch The Fellowship of the Ring, which took long enough considering the … Continue reading 

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How to remove search engines from the Firefox search box

On Windows: Go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins Each search engine has two files; a .src and either a .png or a .gif file. All you have to do is delete the two files for the search engine you wish to … Continue reading 

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A Path.Combine method that takes any number of arguments

Python has a function similar to the .NET Framework’s Path.Combine method, except that Python can take any number of string parameters. I decided to port this to .NET. Here’s the code for a Utils.Path.Combine method that takes a string array … Continue reading 

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Soople, easier advanced searching using Google

Not sure how to tap the full power of Google? Advanced operators got you down? Try Soople, the easy search in Google. As a shortcut-loving geek I’ll probably never use it, but it could be good for the average computer … Continue reading 

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Mailinator is down for the year

Bummer, it looks like my favorite way to avoid spam is down (hopefully not out). From the website: MAILINATOR IS — DOWN !!! That’s right — sorry folks, mailinator is down, down, down — as in “not up”.It is not … Continue reading 

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Profling .NET applications with nprof

Recently I had to do some performance profiling for one of our applications that was almost ready for production. Always on the lookout for new tools, I decided to check out what open source profilers were available. The best one … Continue reading 

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Mozilla ad in the New York Times

The Mozilla ad appearing in the New York Times.

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The Chronicles of Narnia, coming to a theater near you

First The Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy set comes out on DVD, and now I find out that Andrew Adamson, director of Shrek, is going to direct The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe from The Chronicles of … Continue reading 

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Argument Exception utility

Nils Jonsson has posted a code sample on The Code Project that makes it easy to raise argument exceptions. You know, argument exceptions are those exceptions you are supposed to raise when the parameters passed in to your method don’t … Continue reading 

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