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New IIS content, finally

Well, it looks like Microsoft has resurrected their interest in providing any kind of material on IIS. The IIS webcasts page has been updated with a dozen webcasts occurring from February to July. There are also over 40 previously recorded … Continue reading 

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Emergent Design book available online

Scott Bain, of NetObjectives, is posting all the parts of his book, Emergent Design: The Evolutionary Nature of Professional Software Development, as he finishes them. Thirteen chapters and appendices are already available. Feedback is encouraged! Here is the table of … Continue reading 

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Speeding up Firefox the right way

Speeding up Firefox seems to be a meme going around the blogsphere lately. Most of the tips I’ve seen, though, are only for broadband connections with the latest hardware and only include some of the settings that would affect performance. … Continue reading 

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Ken Schwaber, creator of Scrum, on ITConversations

Ken Schwaber, one of the two developers of Scrum (the site has recently been updated, so go check it out), has an interview on ITConversations: You Thought it was Easy: Wrestling Gold from Today’s Software Projects The benefits of Agile … Continue reading 

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Agile Software Development presentations

Reginald Braithwaite-Lee posted four very nice agile software development slide decks (the summaries are his words, not mine): Scrum: One Person’s Perspective: Shortly after obtaining my certification in the Scrum development methodology (I’m now a “Certified Scrum Master”), I gave … Continue reading 

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CruiseControl.NET v0.8 released

CruiseControl.NET v.0.8 is out. CruiseControl.NET Server Breaking Change – Force Build Interval Trigger and Polling Interval Trigger have been replaced by Interval Trigger, and the Force Build Schedule Trigger and Polling Schedule Trigger have been replaced by Schedule Trigger. Introduced … Continue reading 

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Comments off

Comments disabled until I can automate deletion of comment spam.

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Red Gate’s SQL Bundle is worth every penny

My life is so much easier now. Why? I finally got work to purchase the SQL Bundle from red-gate software. SQL Bundle is just a combination of SQL Compare, SQL Data Compare, and DTS Compare, but for less money than … Continue reading 

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SPE: Awesome free Python IDE

Although Pythonwin is nice, it’s a basic IDE. It doesn’t have the feeling of power you get from Visual Studio. Fortunately, a reader left a comment about a cool, free Python IDE called SPE (Stani’s Python Editor). SPE has a bunch of … Continue reading 

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Interviews with Guido van Rossum, creator of Python

Artima posted a 6-part series of interviews with Guido van Rossum (weblog), creator of Python. Here are the six parts in order. The Making of PythonPython creator Guido van Rossum talks with Bill Venners about Python’s history, the influence of … Continue reading 

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