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CruiseControl.NET v0.8 released

CruiseControl.NET v.0.8 is out.

CruiseControl.NET Server

  • Breaking ChangeForce Build Interval Trigger and Polling Interval Trigger have been replaced by Interval Trigger, and the Force Build Schedule Trigger and Polling Schedule Trigger have been replaced by Schedule Trigger.

  • Introduced a Filter Trigger to turn off integration at certain times of day.

  • If no <triggers> section is specified for a project, it now uses a default interval polling trigger. If an empty <triggers> section is specified, no triggers are enabled (for ‘forced-only’ builds).

  • ForceBuildPublisher introduced to allow build pipelines across distributed machines

  • Subversion plugin now allows automatic source updates

Web Dashboard and Project Report Web Application

  • New NAnt Web plugin for easier diagnosis of NAnt problems

  • Web Dashboard now has all the reporting features of the single project reporting application (we recommend all users migrate to the Web Dashboard for reporting now)

  • Web Dashboard now has the ability to configure what Build, Project and Server plugins are made available to users (this is a breaking change to the Dashboard’s web.config file – make sure you update your local version)

  • Improved our NCover and FxCop support

[via Mike Gunderloy]

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2 Responses to CruiseControl.NET v0.8 released

  1. Darrell says:

    I don’t know. Check out the forums on the CruiseControl .NET site.

  2. Security Problem says:

    This all sounds great. But one thing I found short is security. Is it possible to restrict a developer only access certain project through CCTRAY?

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