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Emergent Design book available online

Scott Bain, of NetObjectives, is posting all the parts of his book, Emergent Design: The Evolutionary Nature of Professional Software Development, as he finishes them. Thirteen chapters and appendices are already available. Feedback is encouraged!

Here is the table of contents:

  • Introduction

  • Software as a Profession

  • Out of the Closet – Patterns and Professionalism in Software Development

  • The Nature of Software Development

  • Evolution, Stage 1: Procedural Logic replaced with Object Structure

  • Introduction to Patterns

  • Paying Attention to Qualities

  • Paying Attention to Principles

  • Paying Attention to Practices

  • Paying Attention to Disciplines: Unit Testing

  • Paying Attention to Disciplines: Refactoring

  • Evolution in Use

  • Evolution in Construction

  • Evolution in N-Tier Architecture

  • Patterns and Forces

  • A Conclusion: 2015

  • Appendix A: Procedural Analogs to Common Patterns

  • Appendix B: Overview of Core Design Patterns

  • Appendix C: The Principle of the Useful Illusion

  • Appendix D: For Further Reading

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2 Responses to Emergent Design book available online

  1. Farooqi Javed says:

    Love to read such books

  2. Darrell says:

    I’m guilty in not crediting Lasse’s weblog for the Emergent Design book. Doh!

    Here’s an excellent agile Java developer’s blog:


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