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Monthly Archives: January 2005

How to Learn Python

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to learn Python this year. Or maybe Sam Gentile did (Sam’s Python category). Either way you’re wondering how to start learning Python. Python.org The Python home page has a lot of information, so much so that … Continue reading 

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WeProgram.NET user group meeting: 7pm at ESI Newport News

We’ve got our next meeting on Tuesday night, January 11th at the ESI in Newport News; 7 PM is the start and we’ll have nerd-working beginning at 6:30 PM. For directions to the ESI location in Newport News, see www.WeProgram.Net. … Continue reading 

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Why should you learn Python?

Shortly after I blogged about learning Python in 2005, I found out via Steve that several other people (Sam Gentile, John Lam, and Steve Eichert himself) are doing it too. I wasn’t following their lead in picking a language, but … Continue reading 

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Unread Tabs Firefox extension

The unread tabs extension for Firefox keeps the tab title text italicized until you’ve read the tab. Handy for keeping up with which tabs you’ve read if you open a lot of links in the background (that and middle-clicking are … Continue reading 

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WSMQ (web service message queue) free public Beta

I’m happy to say that a project I’m working on, WSMQ, has announced a Beta program for the hosted version of our product. What is WSMQ you might ask? WSMQ stands for Web Service Message Queue. It’s a queue that … Continue reading 

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Freeware tools and components

Here’s a bunch of freeware tools and components for Visual Studio and ASP.NET from Morrison Schwartz. Some include source code, others you can purchase the source for what looks to be a relatively small fee.

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Test-Driven Development reminder

If you have any unit tests based on dates and/or the passage of time, go ahead and run them today. Hopefully there are no hard-coded skeletons in the closet.

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