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Test-Driven Development in 1985

Test-Driven Development in 1985: “The code was extraordinarily well-documented and there was a test word for every word in the program, as well as a word that ran all the tests as an automatic suite so that we could check … Continue reading 

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Kent Beck boots points in favor of real schedule estimates, communication improves

Continuing with my reading of Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change 2nd ed., in chapter 12 Kent Beck writes: “The first edition of Extreme Programming Explained had a more abstract estimation model, in which stories cost one, two, or three “points”. … Continue reading 

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New Managing Agile Projects book available

Managing Agile Projects, a book edited by Kevin Aguanno, with contributions from noted agile authors: Scott Ambler, the developer of Agile Modeling; Sanjiv Augustine, a leading expert in Agile Project Management; Alistair Cockburn, developer of the Crystal Methods; David Cohen, … Continue reading 

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Avoiding the mistakes of the past

In chapter 9 of Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change 2nd ed., Kent Beck writes about the corollary practice of root cause analysis: “The goal is not just that this one defect won’t ever recur, but that the team will never … Continue reading 

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You don’t need an ego to own the product

Jeff Atwood has an interesting post where he states that developers have to own the product. While I agree with it, his reasoning to get there seems a little off. He starts of by saying that developers should have an … Continue reading 

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Resize the Firefox search bar extension

A couple of people left comments on the post where I resize the Firefox search box. There is now an extension that makes easy work of it. ResizeSearchBox is an extension that adds a resize thumb to the toolbar which … Continue reading 

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ISO Recorder power toy for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Here’s an awesome power toy that my coworker Matt pointed me to, ISO Recorder by Alex Feinman. Recording ISO images Creating ISO images Copying CDs Supports Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 Using ISO Recorder does not require administrator … Continue reading 

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Custom FxCop rules

Raymond asked where are all the custom FxCop rules? Check out David Kean’s Managed From Down Under blog. He has several custom FxCop rules with code. Update: Fixed the spelling of David Kean’s last name.

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What is software design? – article ideas still ring true 13 years later

Here’s a link to an article by Jack Reeves called “What is Software Design?” from the C++ Journal in 1992. On source code: “The final goal of any engineering activity is the some type of documentation. When a design effort … Continue reading 

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Tree Surgeon – open source project to make .NET development trees

Mike Roberts has created Tree Surgeon, an open source product that creates a .NET Development Tree just like his great posts. [via Lasse’s weblog]

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