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List of Reflector Addins

John Papa recently posted about how cool Reflector is. Another cool part is that Lutz has built a plugin architecture into Reflector. I had links to a few addins, but here is a complete list of Reflector addins: Reflector.FileDisassemblerThis add-in … Continue reading 

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Welcome to new CodeBetter blogger John Papa!

A hearty CodeBetter welcome to John Papa! You might recognize John as a frequent author of the Data Points column in MSDN Magazine or as the author of several books about ADO!  (Yes I’m late to the party, sorry, but … Continue reading 

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How to fix the software development industry

Jay has some musings on Bob Reselman’s Coding Slave book. If you’ve read Coding Slave (now a free download), you’ll realize Bob was proposing one method of fixing the current state of software development by proposing a programmers guild. Jay … Continue reading 

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Sysprep your virtual machine

Instructions on how to sysprep your virtual machine images. I wish I had done this the first time.

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TechEd 2005: Early breakout session info posted

Some preliminary info on the breakout sessions has been posted to the TechEd website. One that looks interesting is Ted Neward’s ARC314  Passing Messages: A Flexible, Powerful and Extensible Communication Model. Here’s the abstract: “Over the last decade, focus in inter-process … Continue reading 

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UML 2 diagrams and guidelines

Scott Ambler has an excellent set of pages on the diagrams of UML 2.0. Each diagram has an entire page on what the diagram shows and a set of diagram guidelines. The learning priorities are right on, too. Here’s the … Continue reading 

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RSS Blog Reader plugin for Visual Studio

I’ve blogged about Morrison Schwartz freeware programs before, but they’ve recently added an RSS Blog Reader plugin that lets you blog from within Visual Studio. Features include: Support for folders or individual feeds Drag-and-drop support for feeds and folders Preview … Continue reading 

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Working with Visio 2003

I’ve been doing a lot of Visio work lately, working on presentations for my employer. Here is a list of useful Visio stencils, downloads, and even a blog: Blogging on Visio – from the lead Visio Program Manager. Great Shapes … Continue reading 

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IronPython 0.7 Released!

Jim Hugunin announced IronPython 0.7 today at PyCon. Apparently it takes advantage of .NET 2.0 features. [via Jason Zander]

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TechEd 2005: I’ll be there

I’ll be at TechEd 2005! I will also be staying at the JW Marriott. I’m stoked to finally meet a bunch of y’all (yes, I am from the south) bloggers in person! If you’re going, watch my blog and I’ll … Continue reading 

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