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red-gate releases Best of SQL Server Central vol 2

red-gate has just made The Best of SQL Server Central Vol 2 available for download on their website.

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Testing International Addresses

I’ve been working in a testing role recently, and it’s interesting to come at an application “from the other side.” Now when I hear all the typical developer excuses, they sound pretty contrite and hollow. Testing addresses is interesting. Most … Continue reading 

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Streaming music with Windows Media Services and ASP.NET

Here’s an interesting article by Shawn Wildermuth: Streaming with Windows Media Services and ASP.NET It shows you how to setup the Windows Media Services SDK on IIS, create a web site to browse a collection of MP3s on disk, create … Continue reading 

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Extreme Programming Explained: 2nd ed – Part 1

The first edition of Extreme Programming Explained had too much emphasis on practices and none on principles. Values were mentioned, but it was like talking about the CEO and the assembly line workers in a company with no mention of … Continue reading 

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TechEd 2005: Moderating the "TDD is Design" BOF

It’s official. Since Scott Bellware can’t make it to TechEd, I’m going to be moderating his “Test-Driven Development is Design” BOF on Tuesday, June 7 at 6:30 PM.

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Image Rollovers in ASP.NET

Just found a link on how to do image rollovers in ASP.NET. I remember back in the heady days of ’98 when everyone was doing image rollovers, either hand-coding the JavaScript or using Macromedia’s product (which at the time produced … Continue reading 

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Review of Learning Windows Server 2003 by Jonathan Hassell

I was so excited about my MVP announcement that I neglected to mention that I passed the 70-296 exam to upgrade my MCSE to include Windows Server 2003 on April 1st. As always when studying for certification exams, I looked … Continue reading 

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Mid Atlantic Code Camp sessions posted

The Mid-Atlantic Code Camp session list has been posted. I’ll be speaking on using Test-Driven Development with Databases. There’s still room to sign up if you’re interested.

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Nullable type performance

Warning! Nullable types considered hazardous to your performance.

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Troubleshooting IIS SMTP issues

MVP Bernard Cheah has a great post on troubleshooting IIS SMTP issues.

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